Promote a peaceful and welcoming environment for personal empowerment, self-expression and inner strength through the instruction of Martial Arts

Impart martial arts instruction to the Special Needs Community that can transcend to their daily routines, improving their quality of life.


Provide for the Special Needs population, ages seven  and up, a setting for Wellness, Education and Improvement of their Quality of Life through the many transformative benefits of becoming a practitioner of Martial Arts

Dojo of Exceptional Wellness, Inc.

The Dojo of Exceptional Wellness, Inc. (D.E.W.) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that emphasizes the aspect of Budo in offering martial arts instruction and practicing the art of okinawan karate-do.

Budo, translated as 'the martial way', is the spiritual foundation for martial arts; the ethical code on which martial arts are based; the lifelong benefit of practising towards a greater inner strength, self-esteem, self-empowerment, balance, confidence and, ultimately, internal peace.

D.E.W. offers martial arts instruction and wellness programs tailored to foster the aspects of Budo that come from karate-do and kobudo training.

About D.E.W.


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